Who We Are

Linkman (plural linkmen)- by definition is one who bears a torch or light for pedestrians in dark streets.

In a world covered by darkness, Christ has called you to be that light for others in all aspects of your life. Linkmen was brought forth to not only help build up the Faith of men, but to assist with the realization of who you really are in Christ and the spiritual authority that has been given to you.


Our Mission

Allowing the Holy Spirit to pour into the depths of our souls transforming us into Men of Light; sharing the Gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

As Linkmen of Light we are men of light in this dark world. Bringing all generational gaps together regardless of religion, race or color.  As Linkmen, we are all brothers in Christ who welcome all to come and have a seat at the table to understand, experience and deepen their relationship with the Lord God who is the the light of the world.


Daily Prayer for Linkmen:

May our light shine bright in Jesus Name!



Lunch Fellowship

Every 2 weeks on Wednesday at 12 noon, we host a lunch with a guest speaker and we invite you to join us. Check out our calendar on the next upcoming event here: Events Calendar